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We make hand crafted wood products including childrenís furniture, childrenís toys, specialty products including hard rock maple cutting boards, walnut and maple chess or checker boards, jewelry boxes, custom shelving units and more.

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Featured Products

Teddy Bear Chair

Teddy Bear Chair

This chair is made from solid oak with inlaid features. The rocker is made so that it can not tip backwards. This is a great chair for children 1 to 5 years old. Small enough for the little ones, but strong enough to handle older children.

Baby Cradle

Baby Cradle

This cradle is made from all hard woods. This is truly an heirloom piece, from the turned spindles to the specialty joints. The cradle is stained and lacquered to maintain its beauty for years to come. It is for a new born and can be used until old enough for their own crib. This takes a standard bassinette mattress.

Message from Joe

I have been doing woodworking for over 30 years. I am a professionally trained carpenter that has gone through 4 years of apprenticeship that was federally and state certified. I have gone from building homes to fine finishing work. All of my products are made from quality woods and are professionally assembled for long life. These are truly heirloom pieces. Each of my grandchildren start there lives in one of the cradles that you see on this website. These are products made the old way with quality built in.

- Joe Marotti
(Pap to my grandchildren)

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